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UPDATE: The outdoor gun range proposal has been denied by the Greene County Board of Supervisors.
A public hearing was held on 13 October 2015 at William Monroe High School’s Performing Arts Center in Stanardsville, Va. We are thankful that the majority of the Board voted according to the county ordinances and facts, as did their appointed Planning Commission before them.
The Board of Supervisors’ voted as follows:

David Cox
, Chairman, Monroe District

Jim Frydl
, Vice Chairman, Midway District

Davis Lamb
, Ruckersville District

Bill Martin
, Stanardsville District

Eddie Deane
, At Large

We are Greene County Neighbors , a community group of neighbors Working Together to make Our County Better Through Information, Education, Teamwork and Volunteerism.

Greene County, Virginia is considering approval of an open-air gun range in an agricultural area adjacent to dozens of residential homes, only 30 ft from a property zoned for suburban/residential development, 400ft from US Rt 33, near several school bus stops, and near the Ruckersville city center. The shooting range is being billed as a “twenty lane facility with room to grow”.  While a shooting range somewhere in the county may be beneficial and is desirable even by the opponents of this proposal, this is certainly The Wrong Location for it on many levels.

This web site is a compilation of information to document why this location is not appropriate for this business. Please see the topics in the menu bar above and the recent posts on the right-hand column.

As the photo above shows, many homes actually have line-of-sight to the proposed range. It’s inconceivable that families will not only be able to hear the barrage of gunfire coming from the range, but see it. There are 160 homes within a 1/2 mile radius of the proposed location. At least 10 families can actually see the site from their homes. There are 340 homes within 1 mile.

Please sign the online petition (click here) so that we can show the Greene County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors our support and encourage the business owner to find a more appropriate location, away from residential homes.

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  1. I would like to let you know that the flyer that was sent out has the wrong time and date posted.
    The time that is posted on the greene county planning commission web site is 6:30 at the greene county high school.

    1. You are correct, Paul. The hearing is at William Monroe High School Auditorium at 0630. Wednesday, 19 August. Please arrive early to sign in. That other place and time may have been in an old flyer.

  2. I invite people to look up “gun range accidents” and “stray bullets from gun ranges” on the internet. Combine that with the fact that Greene County School buses will be making stops and pick ups in the kill zone. It takes just one stray bullet to cause a create a legal nightmare for Greene County tax payers. Bus stops adjacent to a gun range is a terrible idea.

      1. Accidents in the parking lots of gun ranges happen all the time resulting in bullets traveling in any direction. It only takes one careless or forgetful person to make one mistake. Also the busses pick up children on roads that do face the proposed direction of fire. While this range design is supposed to prevent bullets from escaping, they do escape all the time due to accidents and improper adherence to procedures.

  3. Totally against the location of this gun range. Came to Greene for the peaceful lifestyle. Our daughter lived near a gun range in Maryland and the noise was nonstop and disruptive. Impossible to enjoy your outdoor space. Kills property value and you must disclose it as “nuisance” if trying to sell your home. Freaks out your pets. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong!

  4. Thanks Bill. I saw your comments on the Daily Progress article. Well said. I had to laugh a bit at the “state of the art” description. As you said, if it truly were, it would be indoor and soundproof.

    1. Have you looked at the plans for this range. It is a state of the art range. I would really like to know what you found so funny. You base you opinions on what?

      1. I base my opinion on the actual proposal that was filed with the county. I’ve become very familiar with it. Yes, it included plans. It’s simply not state of the art. If it were, it would be totally enclosed with 100% sound mitigation. The rubber from Range Systems is evidently good stuff, but that’s just to catch the bullets. It’s still a pretty typical outdoor range. Gun shots will still make noise. Lead will still become airborne. Everyone’s house value within at least a half mile will be affected. Bad idea to build it there.

  5. This article from the Friday, March 20 Daily Progress/Greene County Recors sounds like a paid advertisement for the Durrer’s prospective money maker (at their neighbor’s expense that is).

    Big Iron Outdoors considers plans for shooting range in Ruckersville [http://www.dailyprogress.com/greenenews/news/big-iron-outdoors-considers-plans-for-shooting-range-in-ruckersville/article_08d520fe-cf1b-11e4-bf57-177b26ebf834.html]

  6. First off: Greene County is not considering anything. An application by a private citizen has requested permission to install this business.

    It’s called due process and we have the right and responsibility to voice our opinion.

    1. Actually, Greene County is considering the proposal. A hearing before their Planning Commission is scheduled for August. We’re holding out hope that the proposal will be rescinded before then, but not optimistic.

      We welcome due process and getting the information contained in this blog is a part of it. We’ll definitely be there to voice our opinions (opposition) come August.

        1. Thanks, it’s good to see someone who agrees with us. Lyle knows what he’s doing; my husband, who has three certifications in range safety, has offered to help. It’s a lot safer than people just shooting in their back yards.

          1. Thanks Dorothy. We respectfully disagree with you, but appreciate your comments. I think the string of Greene County citizens that presented fact after fact about why this is the wrong location at the hearing last night speaks volumes. And we did find a better location in the county, which the Durrers happen to own. It’s beautiful for an outdoor gun range and many of us would use it. There’s more about that location at this link.

  7. Take you guns and shoot them away from quite neighborhoods away from homes and small children. Be responsible.

      1. Many people who are organizing the opposition to this range own guns and are proud NRA members. That’s not the point. It’s all about location. While the range itself might be minimally dangerous if done right, you’ll have people with guns and ammo moving in and out of there constantly. Joe might be showing off his Ruger to his buddy in the parking lot and it goes off. Accidents happen. People live next door. School buses stop within a stones throw. This is absolutely the worst location for this business.

        1. Why is it the worst location cause it is near you? I very seriously doubt that if you are opposing a legal gun range that you are a proud NRA member. I can assure you the Durrer family is not money hungry in any way as a lot of you seem to think. We need to stand up for our second amendment rights.

          1. The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms, not the right to build shooting ranges anywhere we want. The Durrers seem like a very nice family, we just don’t think they should build a range where they propose. They’re going through the right channels with the county, as we are to oppose it. No one ever said they were money hungry. Heck, I would at least try to see if I could build a range next door to my gun shop, too. But I think I’d stop and look elsewhere if I knew all my neighbors were opposed to it. As the rest of this web site shows, the range is in a bad location because it will affect the property values of many, many homes in the area (not just my own) and the residents’ quality of life, among other things, including going against Greene County’s own Comprehensive Plan to preserve rural areas.

          2. That’s the whole problem. You move to a rural area and think you can tell people who have lived here a life time how and what they can do with their own land. If you were so worried about your quality of life why did you move into a subdivision beside of a working dairy farm that was there long before the subdivision. I guess the next thing you will ant him to sell his cows cause of the smell of manure. Yes he is going thru the proper channels to do it legally when he really doesn’t have to. You sound like someone from one of these countries who have already let their government disarm them.

          3. Wrong. We knew we were building next to a dairy farm. We’ve been here for 10 years now and love living next door to that farm. THAT is the whole problem. We moved next door to agriculture, not a commercial shooting range. And I didn’t realize going through the proper channels was optional. We have regulations in this county and I think Mr. Durrer would disagree with you being that he is on the Board of Zoning Appeals that enforce these regulations.

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