Virginia Ranges

We’ve studied all of the Virginia ranges listed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) on their web site There were a total of 114 ranges listed and here’s the breakdown:

  • 67 Outdoor ranges
  • 21  Indoor ranges
  • 20  Hunting preserves, archery range, not applicable (no outdoor range), or not found
  • 6   Duplicate listings

Download a pdf version here or click through the thumbnails below (with 1/2 mile rings) to see what they all have in common. Things like:
Remote locations
Obscured by trees or hilly terrain
Few homes nearby
Nowhere near a city center

There are a couple of examples* where homes have encroached upon an outdoor range, BUT note that the range was pre-existing and people took advantage of lower property values to live near a range. It was their choice to live with the safety and noise concerns. It wasn’t forced upon them.

* One example can be seen here