Clouding the Issues

signees_grad_symbols_20jul15_2000Big Iron Outdoors supporters have been battling the facts by not dealing with the facts. In at least a couple of ways:

1. Using the 2nd Amendment as a battle cry when it doesn’t apply. We’re not trying to take anyone’s fire arms away. We are a group composed of ex-military people, gun owners, NRA members, conceal¬† carry permit holders, and members of gun clubs /shooting ranges. We ARE 2nd Amendment supporters.

2. Name calling. Besides calling us whiners because we have the unmitigated gall to stand up to this crazy idea of a location and protect our families’ safety, financial well being, childrens’ future, and quality of life….they are calling us cowards because we’ve been leaving our fact-based flyers around the county.¬† We don’t have the guts to put our names on them, they say. They threw them straight into the trash, they say. That’s odd because we have our organization name, web site address,¬† and Facebook info on them. We also delivered these by hand and got out on foot to canvass local neighborhoods with our petition. So, what do they want? Individual names? Addresses? I hate to think the worst about people, but why?

Here’s an idea…why not actually read the flyer and try to counter the facts listed in it?

Oh, and to the guy who sarcastically said thanks for the flyer because it reminded him to come to the August 19 Planning Commission meeting to back the approval of this range? I say, bring it on. Perhaps he’ll finally hear some facts on why this is absolutely the wrong location and we all need to work together to find a good one.

Something tells me that the blinders will be on though. Driven by friendships and family ties and the intense desire to build a range in Greene County. That’s fine, as long as the people who make the decision aren’t the ones wearing the blinders and look at the facts.

Bottom line : we want a range in Greene County, too! Just not in that most inappropriate location next to homes, school bus routes, and the Ruckersville city center.

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