The Common Sense Factor

bedroomJust stand on the proposed site and look around.

Does that look like a good location for an outdoor gun range?

Should you be able to see people’s homes?  Children’s playgrounds? School buses driving by? US RT 33 traffic? Cow’s grazing in a beautiful agricultural area?

Is that common sense?

Should you be able to hear kids getting off school buses just 1/4 mile away? Should you be able to hear the church bells of two churches just 3/4 mile away?

Is that common sense?

Should families sitting at their kitchen tables or sitting on their decks or porches be able to actually see the proposed range site?

Is that common sense?

Does your common sense tell you that would be the proper place to build an outdoor gun range?

We’ve looked and looked and haven’t been able to find a single, outdoor range in the US that was built after homes were established and in such close proximity to those homes. Including within line of sight of so many. And throw in the proximity to the city center, just 1/2 mile away. Oh, and they’re proposing 20 lanes, open til 8 shooting to include gun rentals. That’s a lot of shooting from potentially inexperienced shooters.

To be honest, you don’t even really need the geospatial analysis of the location, the real estate values analysis, the recommendation of the NRA (“noise will be an issue within 1/2 mile”), and the other compilation of facts about that poor choice of a location….

You just need to use some good ole common sense.

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