A better location? We found one! After 5 Minutes.

So, they want to build an outdoor shooting range 30ft from a suburban/residential zoned property and where there are 160 homes within 1/2 mile, among other disturbing details.

In most reasonable people’s minds, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Yes, the homes were there first.

Did they look around the county for a more suitable location that we can all use safely, without affecting so many families’ quality of life and home values?

They said they did.

Did they look very hard for a better location in the county?

Evidently not, because we just started looking for alternative locations the other day.

And we found one pretty quickly.

Actually, it was the first area that we looked at from a geospatial perspective. It affects at most 6 homes within 1/2 mile and only 4 homes within the 2 mile Surface Danger Zone (SDZ).

And it just looks right:

251 total acreage (2 parcels).

Undulating terrain which can act as a buffer.

Parcel shapes are more square so you can centralize the range.

Trees in every direction.

You can’t see homes (like the proposed location).

You can’t see Rt 33 (like the proposed location).

It’s not off a school bus route (like the proposed location).

No city center around (like the proposed location – you get the picture).

How did we find out about it?

It’s a property that was just posted by Greene County as being removed from the AFD (Agricultural Forestal District). Thus making it available for a Special Use Permit and a facility such as a gun range.

Added bonus for the applicant: his family owns the land!

Since a picture is always worth a thousand words, here’s a side by side comparison and a smaller scale SDZ map.

Those yellow symbols are homes.


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